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Bengaluru is an ever expanding urban zone where the combined apathy of government agencies and citizens towards city planning and maintaining, has resulted in the city that does not invoke pride. This essentially means that it has been left up to the few citizen’s conscience to take up in their hands matters such as the routine clean-up of the city like picking, transporting and disposal of garbage, waste segregation, providing basic utilities to the public like garbage bins, public toilets to stop people from littering the streets and defecating in public.

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The Story

Santosh Hegde of Karnataka State Lokayukta speaking about MyPlaceofPride

MyPlaceofPride is an unique contest between communities in Bengaluru on several factors such as Solid Waste Segregation, Rain Water harvesting etc. It aims to instill pride among the citizens for the communities that they live in. Here is Santosh Hegde of Karnataka State Lokayukta speaking about MyPlaceofPride

Inspire and be inspired to be the change you want to see

The message so strongly and sincerely shared by one of the anonymous “Ugly Indian” is exhorting all the Bengalureans to take that first step, that first action to reclaim our public spaces without waiting for someone to rescue us from the messy situation that we are currently in. If we want to bring about a positive change in our neighbourhood, shall we not emulate this simple inexpensive strategy of organizing self-help groups and start spot fixing? And how about you rally the community around you by asking them compete with other similar communities around Bangalore?

Video of three friends installing bins

Who doesn’t love to hang out with friends and colleagues? It can be a jazzy place or it can be as simple as tea stall around the corner of your neighbourhood but how many of us care for or even notice the surroundings when having good times? These 3 young men did. By a simple and thoughtful gesture of placing bins in the neighbourhood, they managed to change the mindset of people around. Helped look the street look so clean and continue enjoying their tea session even more. Numerous Smoke-Tea-Paan joints in your neighbourhoods are waiting for such caring citizens. Are you going to be one of them? How about using MyPlaceofPride as a vehicle to rally the people around?

Video of the old lady cleaning public park

An elderly lady seemingly in her 60s, is frustrated with the garbage and filth around in our streets today. She is not ready to wait for someone to come to take care of it!!. Can we too rise to the occasion and follow her footsteps? Can we lend a helping hand towards keeping our communities clean ?

Shadow dance video (save trees, save earth)

A touching depiction through shadow dance medium to spread the message to save trees. Every one of us knows the cycle of life. Trees and plants are the producers of this food chain. Their end is our end. Let’s conserve the natural resources. Grow trees, save trees. Let’s pledge to make our communities greener.

Video of a beggar throwing peels in dustbin

Civic responsibility is not for one Class or for one Caste!! Kids learn from seeing what the elders do. Let’s instil and encourage habits of hygiene and cleanliness not just in our homes but outside too because the whole country is our home.

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